The story of Raven X

There have been a lot of RFI + LIQ tokens lately that are mostly just unsustainable copies of other projects without any actual use. We set out to make a more useful project, and in our case that would be the charity aspect.

With every transaction, there is a 6% fee (you’ve heard this before many times), but, in our case, instead of the contract adding to the liquidity pool, it swaps 2% of the TX token to BNB, and sends them to the Binance charity wallet. More about Binance charity later.

2% of the TX is still burned, because this is a good mechanism for deflation, and 2% is still redistributed between holders, because holding of the tokens should be rewarded. But the key aspect is that no one can take BNB out of the contract and it goes directly, automatically to the charity wallet without the intervention of a third party that would need to transfer the BNB (this could also posses a risk to the security of funds).

Additionally, any BNB that would be sent to the contract would be sent to the Binance Charity wallet, so no BNB is forever lost and waisted inside the wallet. The contract is also well tested as you can see on the transaction history of the Binance charity wallet.


The transactions will show up in the Internal Txns tab, because the BNB is sent from a contract to the address. Only BNB sent from one wallet address to another can be shown on the Transactions tab.

The contract also includes a sum of all BNB that was donated and will be integrated on the next version of the website, so it will show all BNB that was donated from this project.

Binance charity fund

Some of the goals include:
- Ending Poverty
- Zero Hunger
- Better Health & Well-Being
- Quality Education
- Gender Equality
- Clean Water & Sanitation
- Affordable & Clean Energy
- and much more!

Binance charity is bringing transparency to donations while also working on innovative solutions, so not only are they a charity we can donate in BNB to, but a good charity to donate to.


Total supply: 500 000 000 RX
Marketing: 25 000 000 RX (locked for 10 days, 10x vesting)
Team: 25 000 000 RX (locked 6 months, vested)
Presale: 250 000 000 RX
Listing: 200 000 000 RX

6% transaction fee will be split to:
2% burn fee
2% redistribution fee
2% donation fee

Vesting means that you can take out only parts of the locked tokens when some time passes. For example 10x vesting for marketing tokens for 10 days means that 1/10 of the locked tokes will be unlocked each day.

Presale details

Presale will be held at DxSale. For instructions how to buy the presale, view instructions posted on our medium LINK.

1 BNB = 1 M tokens
Presale price = listing price
Softcap = 50 BNB
Harcap = 250 BNB

Minimum and maximum wallet allocation are 0.05 BNB and 2 BNB respectfully. Minimum is lowered to 0.05 BNB (instead of the usual 0.1 BNB) due to the recent rise in BNB price.


Thing that are planned for the project, most of them will take place in the first week, some may come later:
- Waterfall bot
- Price bot (in chat)
- Airdrop for top 20 holders after 1 hour
- BSCScan information update
- Blockfolio application
- Coingecko application
- Coinmarketcap application
- Unirocket bot
- Audit by Techrate and BSC Checker
- Donation competition, biggest donors will receive an airdrop
- Poocoin advertisement (after BSCScan verification)
-Meme contest
- Website redesign (with BSCScan API and live on-chain data), Live on-chain update of donated funds
- Social Media Campaigns (Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter)
- Partnerships


Charity token on the Binance smart chain. Website: