How to make a Metamask wallet and set it up with the Binance Smart Chain RPC.

For buying at DxSale, you’re first going to need a Metamask wallet, you could also do it on a mobile phone with trust wallet, but we will be using metamask here as it is easier to use with DxSale.

Using Metamask and connecting to the Binance smart chain network

First, download the Metamask extension for Google Chrome/Brave or Firefox. Link for Chrome/Brave.

Then you need to create a new wallet, the address will look something like this: 0x8B99F3660622e21f2910ECCA7fBe51d654a1517D (this is the Binance Charity wallet address).

You will also need to set up a password.

You will be presented with a Secret backup phrase, your wallet private key is generated with these words (more info here), so write them down, so you will be able to import it at a later time (saving the private key is even better, but never share your private key with anyone as they can access your wallet!

You will also have to confirm it

Now you’re all set up to use ETH and the Ether ecosystem, but we want to set up the Binance smart chain, for this, we have to click on the fox icon and select the networks option. Then, select Custom RPC (stands for Remote Procedure Calls).

Now you have to put in some data like shown in the picture.

Mainnet :
Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:


You are then ready to deposit BNB to your account.

The most convenient way for me is to register an account on, and add money via credit card. Then we transfer the funds to the wallet we created. Make sure to select the BSC transfer network! The whole transfer should take less than 5 minutes because BSC is extremely fast!

You can find your public address (the address you send funds to) by clicking on the metamask icon, by clicking on the address it’s copied automatically.

Then you should receive BNB to your wallet. Make sure you have the right network selected or you will not see the BNB you just sent!

For a short tutorial on how to use DxSale, please take a look at our second article (link)!

Charity token on the Binance smart chain. Website: