How to buy at DxSale presale

As you may know, the Raven X presale will be held at DxSale. You may have heard about this platform before. It’s really a good platform for presales because it’s easy to set up for developers and is safe to use for buyers. The main reason for that being, that the initial liquidity is automatically locked, the only variable then is for how long you lock the liquidity, but that’s enough about DxSale for now.

First, you’re going to need a metamask wallet, we went into detail about how to set it up so it works with Binance Smart chain (BSC) in a previous article, but in this we will talk about how to use DxSale.

Make sure you have some BNB on your Metamask wallet and that you’re connected to the right network.

Open the DxSale presale page we will provide in telegram. You should se the Metamask extension issue a popup windows when you open the website, asking you to connect. If it doesn’t show up, try clicking on the extension.

If you see this, you are not connected with your wallet, or if you are already connected, you need to wait for the page to load (sometimes it can be a bit slow).

The network showing should be BNB.

Below is an example of a presale that had a hardcap of 40 BNB. To contribute, you would input how much you want to contribute (between 0.05 BNB and 2 BNB).

Hardcap is the maximum amount of capital that can be raised on the presale, and the amount that ends the presale for this project that’s 250 BNB). When we reach 250 BNB, we will have 30 minutes between the end of presale and finalizing the presale. Finalizing means that after the presale is finalized, the people participating in the presale will be able to claim the tokens, and the the liquidity will be automatically added to pancakeswap.

Softcap is the minimum amount of capital that needs to be raised so that the project will proceed and that the presell is a successes. If the softcap isn’t filled, people participating in the presale get refunded after the presale countdown ends. If the softcap is filled and the hardcap isn’t filled, the presale will end when the presale countdown ends.

I know it sounds complicated but if everything goes to plan we should fill hardcap quickly and finalize 30 minutes after that so it’s nice and simple :)

After hitting contribute you will also have to confirm the Metamask transacion.

If you get a really high gas fee or exceptions, you can also send to the presale address directly (but only to the presale address, not the token address! If you send it to the token address you will lose your funds! (or in the case of our token, donate it to the Binance charity fund).

How to send BNB directly to the presale

If you’re having trouble sending via the webpage, you can also look for the contract address on the presale page and then open you Metamask and send BNB directly. If you’re too late and the presale is filled before you send your BNB, your BNB will be returned to your wallet, because the presale contract has a safety feature. It will also be returned if you send it before the presale starts :)

Look for this address:

Then copy it to your Metamask and send BNB, below is just an example, don’t send to this address! Ever presale on DxSale has it’s own Presale Address!

You’re all done. After the creator of the presale finalizes the presale, you will be able to claim tokens on the same presale page:

Then, the tokens will be transferred to your wallet!

If you get an error, make sure that you contributed BNB/sent BNB to the presale address, and that you’re on he right network. If you’re still having problems contact me on telegram and I will help you.

If you’re using the DxSale application with Trust wallet, make sure you change the presale link from https to http (remove the s).

Also one thing to note: when a presale is created, you have to deposit most tokens to the contract, that is why the contract will be the biggest token holder, and you can also see a contract symbol next to it (below is just an example I found). After the presale, the unsold tokens are locked in the contract and can’t be accessed by anyone, and the sold tokens are sent from the contract to the people who contributed.

If the tokens would be locked inside a DxLock contract, they would also usually have the contract icon next to it.

0xd143ad2b25 … is the presale contract and therefore the biggest holder

Good luck!

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