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There have been a lot of RFI + LIQ tokens lately that are mostly just unsustainable copies of other projects without any actual use. We set out to make a more useful project, and in our case that would be the charity aspect.

With every transaction, there is a 6%…

As you may know, the Raven X presale will be held at DxSale. You may have heard about this platform before. It’s really a good platform for presales because it’s easy to set up for developers and is safe to use for buyers. …

For buying at DxSale, you’re first going to need a Metamask wallet, you could also do it on a mobile phone with trust wallet, but we will be using metamask here as it is easier to use with DxSale.

Using Metamask and connecting to the Binance smart chain network

First, download the Metamask extension for Google Chrome/Brave or Firefox.

Raven X

Charity token on the Binance smart chain. Website:

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